Friday, January 11, 2008

Swap card & the Monster cutter!

The above image was my swap for the Leadership meeting. And my fingers are still sore! (last post)Plus I was playing with another set in the background. below is the new MONSTER stack cutter and when I put it together I made sure to line it up SQUARE! This baby will cut the back off catalogs and then I just use my Rubi-coil to put a coil in! As you can tell I am a "gadget toy" queen. My Catalog is so cute now with all its ribbons and bows..


Maria said...

Like I said in my previous comment, your card came out beautifully! And.. .wow! Your weren't kidding, that is a monster cutter but I'm sure it does a good job at cutting!


Lisa said...

I covet, I covet. Please tell me where I can get this cutter. Thanks!

KayellWY said...

Okay, I have to ask. Where can I get one of these Monster cutters? It looks like a "gotta have." :)