Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cute Catalog Tips

My upline showed me that if you cut the back off the catalog and put a spiral coil on the back of your catalog it is easier to open and view. She is paying $4.00 for every catalog she does this to at Staples. She also has a clear cover put on hers too for that price. Great Idea!! I have had a GBC combbind system for at least 20 years. So last year I purchased a RubiCoil from Bonnie's Best Craft Tools because I wanted to make cute minibooks with colored coils. Combbind systems have very boring colors. Provocraft at one time was going to make pretty colors but scrapped the idea. So now that I have "monster" cutter, I cut my catalog back off myself and put a coil on. To make it cute I put ribbon on it from SU's various ribbon colors. BUT the best part is I took a plastic school notebook pouch and cut off the 3 ring part and punched my RubiCoil holes and put that on the back of my catalog. Now I have a slot to put my special's brochures and extra order slips or whatever I want. Just not loose in my catalog.

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