Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sore Fingers

My fingers are sore...I made the mistake of designing a cute little Valentine card for the leadership swap with 4 on each corner.....that equals 200 brads for 50 cards. 10 cards took twenty minutes to put in 40 brads. That equals 1 hour and 40 minutes of poking my fingers and poking under my fingernail to split the brads. One brad per card did not look right so I opted for 200 brads. I had heard from multiple sources, there are some very PICKY women out there when it comes to leadership swaps. Some women will turn their noses up at a card if they don't think it is worthy. Worthy of what I ask? I am then told that they feel their work is superior and they only want a superior card..Harrumph!!. Wow and I thought I was a stamping snob. Well this is what my table looked like while I was making 50 cards. ( Did I say remind me not to put brads in a swap card again? OK there I said it!) I have a 6 ft crafting table. Why is it I end up in only a small portion of it? Go figure I leave myself a 2 ft x 1 ft area. Craft clutter sure can accumulate, I call it other 4 letter words but since this is "no swearing" blog I will say clutter... I will post the card tomorrow.
Also tomorrow I will post a picture of my new cutter and what I did with it...I found the perfect cutter for mass producing card cuts without having the cuts be all "cattywampus" aka crooked. This is a word my mom used to use. Yes it is in a dictionary: cattywampus (adj.) A slang word meaning awry or askew, as in "the newspapers were all cattywampus" on the floor . This cutter is the will take a finger off if you are not careful. I have returned several cutters for not being square or just being plain off in their measurements. Or just being cheaply made for the money charged. Mind you I grew up with a sharp Ingento guillotine cutter that would cut off ....well you get it. I wanted something that would cut Catalog backs off and cut at least 20 sheets of SU or Bazzil paper paper accurately in one fell swoop! I found it.....


Maria said...

wow, that's a lot of cards and a lot of work but they're all beautiful! Love all the pink!!


Ribbons And Ink said...

They are beautiful swaps, I am so glad that I got one of them! I can't imagine how much your fingers must have been hurting from all those brads! I'll keep that in mind next time I make cards in bulk as well :)