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Original Pen Tool

$15.00 USD + $4.95* S/H = $19.95
This Pen Tool fits the following machines:
Pazzles™ Inspiration®
KNK Zing®
Black Cat Cougar® (new clamp)
BossKut™ Gazelle®

If you plan on using Bic Mark It pens; this pen tool holder will not work. BUT I do have one that will! So please email me and I will cut one down for you that will work with Bic Mark It Pens. I will send you a PayPal invoice for the Pen Tool amount + Lathe cut fee of $1.50 USD + S/H

New Silhouette Cameo Pen Tool
**New Limited Edition Pink and White Marble**
Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out

$16.00 USD + $4.95* S/H = $20.95 This Pen Tool fits the following machines:Silhouette Cameo™/Portrait
/Silhouette SD™
Graphtec Craft Robo™

This Pen tool is molded and then lathed by me for a perfect fit!{This Pen tool also has a BIC Mark-it option...see above}

For use with Stampin' Up© Pens, Other Pens include Uniball Signo™, Close To My Heart™, Zig™ Pens and Sharpie® Ultra Fine Tip Pens (Only Ultra Fine Tip). Many other pens will work that are smaller including Pentel Slicci, Sakura Gelly Roll Pens, Glue Pens, Papermate Erasermate Etc.  If you want to use Bic Mark It® ($16.50+S/H) Pens let me know I have one for that too!

Return Policy: I will return the price of the Pen Tool only if you decide to return the Pen Tool in original working condition. If the pen tool is damaged, scratched or unusable in any way, a full Pen Tool price refund will not be returned to you. The nylon screws I provide to you are of superior quality and will not break off with normal usage. I provide a second screw in case you drop or loose the first screw. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREW! DO NOT USE PLIERS ON THE SCREW!

HotPaws Creations Pen Tool Videos Regular and "FAT"



*Shipping outside the United States varies with where the item is being shipped