Sunday, December 11, 2011

Silhouette Cameo Pen Tool!

I finally updated my Pen Tool page with a button for the Silhouette Cameo™ more having to email me! This Pen Tool will work in the Silhouette Cameo™, Silhouette SD™, Craft Robo™ and the Wishblade™. The HotPaws© Pen Tool is molded by me out of a lightweight plastic instead of a heavier aluminium. The Silhouette™ machines are a very detail oriented machine and the heavier the tool you put into the clamp holder the more stress you can put on the clamp mechanism every time it raises and lowers for pen work. This Pen Tool will hold the same size pens as my original Pen Tool. The only difference is the outer diameter has been lathed down to fit these new machines perfectly! Some examples of the pens you can use are:
Stampin' Up© Pens, Uniball Signo™, Close To My Heart™, Zig™ Pens and Sharpie® Ultra Fine Tip Pens (Only Ultra Fine Tip).  And of course my newest favorite metallic pen the Pentel®  Slicci. Here is an example of the Slicci using The HotPaws© Pen Tool in the new Silhouette Cameo™.
Now the Slicci is a very tiny/skinny pen so I had to use one of the foamy pen grips I send with the Pen Tool for just these types of pens so it is centered in the holder. The writing in the center is a regular font. If you look really carefully you can see the gold pen outline I created just inside my cutting line. I created this medallion in Adobe Illustrator then saved it as an SVG file to import into my software. Speaking of software!!! Make The Cut now has a plug-in for the Cameo. I really like like the fact that Make The Cut can be used with so many different cutting machines...of which I have many..... Cutting machines are like Potato Chips.....You can't have just one!!


karyn gray said...

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Beverly Ritch said...

Hello...I am new to the cutting machines, having recently won a Silhouette Portrait, and was wondering if your pens work with the Portrait too? And is it just the pen tool or does it include a pen?

I am trying to decide what to purchase next!