Wednesday, August 5, 2009

INSPIRE, CREATE, SHARE... Stampin' Up Convention 09

Stampin' Up Convention 09!! Ok I miss my 2 furbabies!! Soo...I start off with a picture of everyone's favorite Stampin' Up Assistant Companion MAX!! He belongs to "InkieBunnie" Lisa Marie. As usual the line started before 7:00am for Momento Mall!! And there was still a line after 10:00am to get in!!

Here are some pictures of some of the fun things you can get this year in limited quantities.
How about a really pretty ornament...Only one per cutstomer.

Everybody on the run grabbing all the goodies!

Environmentally friendly water per customer.

Rubics cubes in the new In Colors....Ok I think this idea was a flop. I did not see anyone buy one of these.

Cute little make-up bags with separates to buy for it like a nail kit, lotion, a compact mirror, nail files....Very cute!

And here we are in our fun new SWAP aprons. Eva made her aprons with her group name of Bee Breative" and I stenciled my HotPaws Creations on my apron along with putting vinyl pockets with buttons all over and embroidery in selected areas.

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