Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pen Tool Announcement!! It's done!!

It's done! For all of you that have Stampin' Up Pens©...You can now use them with your Pazzles™ Inspiration Creative Cutter. Other pens that will work in the pen holder tool are Close To My Heart™, Zig™, Uniball Signo™ and Sharpie® Fine Tip Pens. I wanted to use my SU pens in my machine so I called upon my best friend....the "nutty professor" aka the prototype engineer to help me! After he made a couple of prototypes that worked, he was able to design a 2 piece mold out of aluminum for me. This part was not free but I did get the "cousin" discount on his work for me! He has a Prototype Injection Molding machine in his garage. (That's really cool!!) So I now know how to make my own injection molded parts! With his help of course! So I essentially "rented" his molding machine and injected my own parts one at a time. Unfortunatly his machine only does one at a time so that was my option!! Started out with basic black and white ABS plastic and then mixed them to get a "zebra" effect. Then added another color to the white and created a purple zebra tool and a turquoise marble one too. My whole intent with this was to create an affordable tool in this tough economy. I am proud to say it's "Made in the USA" by me!! So the introductory price is US$ 15.00 plus $4.95 S &H = US$ 19.95. I have put a PayPal button on the right side of my blog close to the top. I will be accepting PayPal and of course checks and cash! I will be including a second screw in case anyone strips their first screw by tightening down too hard. I am also including a foam pencil grip to help with alignment of smaller barrel pens in this pen holder. Have a great weekend!


QueenPam said...

Just wondering if these will fit the Cricuts?Looks like a great idea.

Sharon Rivera said...

This is very cool, SueR!! I would love to see something you've made with the pen. Would you, could you bring something with you to Convention??? See you there!!