Monday, July 6, 2009

I am back after a six month hiatus!

Well time does fly when your busy. The last six months has been a bit of a rollarcoaster for me. January was my birthday month and my sweet adopted Husky Doe became very sick. So at the beginning of February I had to say goodbye to her... She was about 14 years old. Then in March I received the news that my adopted poodle furbaby Muffin had kidney disease. So I started giving her an injection of fluids everyday. But it was not helping like it had in the past with other pets I have owned. So again I had to say goodbye to another beloved pet...Muffin....she was about 13 1/2 years old. Wow losing 2 pets within 4 months is a bit hard on one's heart! Needless to say my mojo flew out of the window for a while. So my mojo is coming back slowly but surely. I still have my 17 1/2 year old poodle Monique and yes I did adopt another furbaby. But that will be another post coming up. I have been working on updating my blog all day and getting ready for the debut of my new Pen Tool for the Pazzles ™ Inspiration Creative Cutter that will be using Stampin' Up Pens!!


Pam said...'s so good having you back!!!! And I'm so excited about your pen tool!!!

TN Granny said...

Sue so good to hear your coming back, just remember as hard as it is to say goodbye to your loving pets they're no longer in pain.
Happy to see the Mojo come back.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading your blog today and noticed your birthday is in January as is mine.

This February I had to put to rest my beloved Shih-Tzu of 14 years.

In 2004 within 40 days of each other,
I had to put to rest my 21 year old Shih-tzu, he could no longer see, hear and did not want to eat.

And then my 11 year old Shih-Tzu who was constantly seeing the vet for heart problems and kidney problems.

I took him in for a shot to help him want to eat and the doctor just looked at me and you know the rest.

What a terrible time that was, so I fully understand how you are feeling.

And again, I now have two Shih-tzus that were stray rescues.

I love my furbabies.

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

sorry to read about your loss. I still miss my Rockie (he looks like Max - so last year at convention, I tried to get as much attention from Max as possible because it was a hard year)...I hope you will find your inspiration at convention..have fun