Friday, July 25, 2008

Swap #5 I've been playing with Shrinky Dinks again!!

Shrinky Dinks were such a fun part of my life growing up...Have I really grown up??? That's debatable. Well now I am really having fun with them. This is Swap #5 for Convention 08. Notice how big they are to begin with....Then how small they are after!! I stamped with Ruby Red and Certainly Celery Classic Ink. Then aquapainted in with Cameo Coral. For stamping I made myself an acetate mask for the flowers so I could stamp the leaves but still see the flowers underneath.

These are the finished product on their swap card. The original size of the leaves is the background on the cards. I think these will be a
popular swap... I hope!. This was my most fun Swap to do!! Added note I heat my Shrinky Dinks in the oven with parchment paper over careful not to burn use a lower tem like 300. I scorched a batch.


fishlips said...

Very nice,The colors are so great...What fun

Susan Mac Donald said... did you heat your the oven, or heat gun?
I wish I was getting one of your cards. Hope to see you there---travel safely. I'm flying in, Mon. evening, so let the good times roll! I LOVE your color combe..never would've thought about cameo.