Saturday, July 19, 2008

2nd Convention 08 Card Swap : Kind Thoughts

This elegant & simple card was originally done for a Demo meeting that was lacking in attendence so I made a few more and now it will be a Convention 08 swap. I stamped in Craft White and Craft Black and embossed with clear powder. The center is the stamp from the Kind Thoughts set BUT.......I used.....Shrinky Dinks . The inkjet kind. After we did our little swap, I was packing up my stuff and hear in unison about 3 gals yell out my name...Sue Reynolds.....I turn around in surprise .... WHAT? They all asked what did I use in the center. 2 of the older gals guessed it right and a couple of the younger ones had not seen shrink plastic before . (I am older....52 not to offend anyone!) I stamped the image with regular SU Classic Dye ink and let it dry (You can use STAZ ON Too.) Punched out the image with the scallop punch. Then I punched a hole in the center (1/4 in punch) to feed a brad through later. The cardstock is SU silver to match the silver brad. Michael's does carry the Inkjet Shrinky Dinks in the stamping section along with the Rough and Ready Shrinky Dinks, but I prefer the white ink jet type. I am in the process of finishing up another Convention 08 swap, using Shrinky Dinks. This next one will be a popular 3D type swap item....I think.

PS Note: I personally do not like the GRAFIX version of the Shrink Plastic you do not get a consistant finished product.


Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful!! And how fun to utilize the shrinky dink!!
I know I would be thrilled to get this at convention.

retiredheather said...

This is so elegant and beautiful and yet so simple. Lovely.