Saturday, April 5, 2008

The New to me Kern River Vacation House

This is my last post for about a week till I come home and make a bunch of cards and craft goodies to post!! Take a look at the new bubbleshare on the right sidebar to see what I have been up to since I have not been crafting up a storm. I purchased a new to me Kern River Vacation House! 5 walking minutes to trout fishing and 2 minutes to fresh coffee in a quaint little town with nice people. I have been looking for about a year to buy an investment something and was really looking for rental property down by me. But when you think about it; why pay $475 a month to someone else, for me to have a trailer in a campground that I am no longer in love with. When I first bought my cute park model trailer up at Camp James on the Kern River, the campground/mobilehome park was quaint and full of interesting people and older classic trailers and lots of trees with stories to tell. Very Eclectic and fun. There were about 40 people that had trailers up there that were vacationers or that lived there. The area in front more on the river was for campers and RV's. All of us weekenders knew each other and had BBQ's and "cocktail hours". Now the new owner has pretty much "cleaned" up the place. Or shall I put it this way....Out of about 40 there are about 4 of us left. The rent went up about $150 for some of us. Now it is not eclectic anymore and I know 1 permenent person there. It is still zoned as a mobilehome park but her new rules are no one LIVES there only weekenders or vacationers with RV's or non-permenent trailers. Don't get me wrong its very clean alright more like sterile, the owner wanted uniformity, she got it. Along with that big rent increase came alot of empty spots that are not collecting any money. Some money in the summer but not a dime in the winter. My trailer is cute with a little fence and a couple of trees (less now that she cut a few down) I have a little picket fence with a great fireplace and squirrels and Raccoons. But the big BUT is.... it is not what I originally fell in love with sooooo....move on. It does not help that the owner and I are like oil and water and then add strong willed female to the mix. Sadly it will be time to say goodbye to my cute little trailer soon when the work is done on my New to me Vacation Home!! Here are some pic's of the trailer when I bought it.


Samantha Esqueda said...

I am SOOOOOOO jealous- can't wait to come visit!

Hi there- you got an award- check it out on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! It was nice to meet you at Kathy's meeting last weekend. I was the one who came up to you after in the parking lot. Looking forward to seeing you again. Congrats on your new vacation house!

~Emily Kropko