Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Santa's Nuggets have Bling!

These are my favorite non-stamped (on the outside) Nugget Boxes. I was going to make these with a plain belt. Then I bought the cutest candle at Kohl's that had the dot/dash detail along with the eyelet holes...Next thing you know my boxes had much better detail all thanks to a candle! On the nuggets I used a black strip of paper with a brushed silver "belt buckle", then using my teeny tiny Simple Serif stamps I then punched the silver embossed letters out and glued Ho Ho Ho to the "tiny belt". I like the silver better but had to make the gold too! Both are edged with Liquid Applique for a little fluff. These nugget boxes are so much fun to make....Get your own Scor-Pal and these boxes will be a fast and easy holiday gift! Can you tell I love my Scor-Pal?The belt buckle was made from the SU Key Tag punch, then sliding it back in the punch to make it smaller. Then cut some slits in it for the black belt.

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