Monday, May 20, 2013

I decided to make a new color for the Silhouette Electronic Cutters! 
Whoo Hoo I was able to buy some Pink ABS in a very small quantity so supply is limited. I will not be molding this color again. I know some of you hate Pink but that is why I have my ever so popular Black and White Zebra.  So if you have been wanting to get one and Pink is your color get it now!!
Originally it was designed for Stampin' Up© Pens but now my favorite pens are Uniballs and Pentel Slicci's as well as Gelly Rolls by Sakura. The reason I do not make one for the Sharpie Fat tip is that with repeated use and pressure your tip will smash and get thick looking so by choice they are not the optimum pen for professional looking work. If you have embossing powder then a great pen to use is the Papermate Erasermate. Draw out your design, pull it out from the machine and pour embossing powder on the pen marks, heat with a heat tool...VIOLA a raised design. So many options for a professional looking design. Here are some examples from my friend Pam Connor :

So you do not want to pay for a caligrapher for your wedding invites, how about just giving them the hand written touch by using your HotPaws Pen Tool. Like I did. This was actually a job I was hired for....Yes you can make money with your HotPaws Pen Tool! So Enjoy and Above all have FUN!!

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Lsg Industrial said...

Wow this looks lovely.I love how you created this invitation card. With the details and color theme everything is perfect.
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