Sunday, December 7, 2008

Craft Show Set Up

Here are the pictures of my booth at my first "boutique". I have 4 fold up tables that are 4 ft each. The beige and red baskets that are standing up in the back left are fold up for easier set up and take down storage. I purchased them from Cost Plus and to make them stronger I can zip tie them together. I had a "Sock Monkey" holding a "Sock Monkey" card in his lap. The display board in the back is Velcro so I can change out cards quickly when I need to, I have a velcro dot on the back of a clear envelope so I don't ruin the card If I choose to send it out later. I made the display board myself from two cork board wall memo holders. Since it was my Upline that put this boutique together...There were not alot of customers to get interested and sign up. Oh Well. Any way it was fun and I sold some old stamps and a couple catalogs.

1 comment:

Helen said...

Hi Sue
Your booth looks great - I'd have signed up believe me!
And what a clever idea with the velcro board and dots - perhaps you should post a tutorial on making the board!
Good luck for next time!