Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Mess With A Man And His Truck

This was my Pazzles Design Team project for August. We were supposed to design something about "Guys". I used the "kiss cut" quite a bit for the detail in the truck. I took a generic picture off the web and hand vectorized the image. The windows are made out of vellum. The grill and rims were silver metalic paper. I used a Stampin'Up tire tread wheel on the tires. All the growth under the truck was stamped with Judith & Heather stamps. The pictures I used were from the Toby Keith concert I had been to recently and Toby always has a FORD Truck front grill on his stage. The pictures were taken when he was singing "American Soldier" The title of this page has a story behind it other than Toby's pictures.....Well this summer I borrowed a friends truck to haul some molding, plumbing and general home improvement stuff. This is a work truck that stinks of working man and smoke...get my drift...yuk. The truck was my friend's "Baby". I used the truck for 6 hours driving 1.5 hours each way up and back a winding road to get the supplies needed (mind you supplies both of us needed) . I get back and proceed to get an earfull of nastiness. I had put molding through the back sliding window to fit it in the bed of the truck. (Big Sarcasm in this next sentence!) Oh My it was touching the head liner in the stinky truck! Oh was he pissed off...not even hearing that I had held down the molding with my heavy purse so it would not hit/bounce off the headliner while I drove his "Baby" . I drove that truck so carefully and nicely compared to how I beat up my jeep. Men!!! Jeez!!! Goodness sakes I would have replaced the headliner if I ripped it, but I did not, I was careful! Never, Never, Never mess with a man's truck especially if there is alcohol and a temper involved!! Also I have known this friend for over 35 years!!! ARGGHH!

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