Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spooky Spider Decor Element....Toooo cute!

Isn't this just the cutest! It seems to be a very popular item for Candy Jars, Candle Holders, Windows & Walls! I put mine on a candle holder I purchased at Big Lot's a few months ago. The candy corn candles inside of the holder are from lluminations.... on sale 25% off right now too!! Much better than putting real candy corn in with a candle... (I would eat the candy corn-not good) The little furry spidies are from Illuminations also. My friend and I split a package of the little creatures!

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Anonymous said...

Love yoour site it is quite amazing!!! I can't even say which one would bee my favorite as I love them all. Keep up the creativeness that you do!!! It gave me a WooHoo! when I saw what you done. Thanks for sharing; great site! I didn't read everything on here but plan to; it's getting late here in southern IL and need to get to bed.
Dont know if you have ever been on but you should check it out; I think you would really like it there. Also,
I think you would enjoy them if you haven't been in either before!