Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm Back! My version of SU's "Show on the Go"

This is my version of Stampin'Up's "Show on the go". I bought 2 "Cork Boards" from Costco. ($ ~20.00 ea) Took them apart and threw the cork and cheap board away. Went to Home Depot and had 2 boards of masonite (~$10.00) cut to fit and then I took my chop saw and cut the corners off. Purchased some padded ©Velcro fabric (commercial wide) (~$50.00) and adhered (3M Super 77 adhesive) the fabric to the front and BACK of the masonite boards. Put the frame back on over the masonite and fabric....done....nope not yet. Put 2 hinges on it so it would fold up to carry. Add a handle and now its done! Along with the ©Velcro fabric came a role of sticky ©Velcro dots that I put on the back of clear envelopes. Now the envelopes are reusable and I do not have to throw them away just rearrange them with new card inserts. The cards are protected and they do not have the Sticky on the back of the card! I was told that makes the cards more professional looking too. I purchased a black table cloth from Bed, Bath & Beyond (~$20.00) and had a fold in half portable table to put it all on. Now I know my time is worth money but I could not see buying the SU's version when I have the time to make my own "better" version. I covered the back also so I can add cards to that If I am at a boutique or show where people walk around the whole table or booth. Now for me without the time added in I only spent $20.00+$20.00 cork boards+$10.00 masonite+$50.00 fabric +20.00 tablecl0th +8.00 (misc: hinges, spray glue) Total Approx: $128.00. For me This was the least expensive route and I am proud of what I created for the amount of money. Plus I am not buying a $41.00 tablecloth!!! Unless it is a Damask embroidered antique! Now I can spend more on Stamp sets! Their price for just the Velcro board + Table cloth $236.90
Item # Description Packaged Amounts Price
102096 Show on the Go Kit 1 $269.95
100487 Velcro Display Board (Pair) w/100 Velcro Dots 1 $194.95
100419 Black Tablecloth (8' long) 1 $41.95
100875 Black & White Logo Banner (2' x 3') 1 $25.95
I want to thank Lorraine for giving me the inspiration. Her Boutique pictures got me all fired up!


Ret said...

wow!!! aren't you just little me creative! and it works!!! that's fantastic, Sue, love how you used your noggin to make an even better one for you. awesome!

ktstamps said...

OMG! Can I have you make one for me? I love the look of your "show to go!" Well Done.

I would like to order some EZ mount from you? Please contack me! Thank you Sue. kt

Sonia said...

Fantactic idea.... Awesome!