Thursday, January 24, 2008

The BAD but funny day!

I don't usually put too much about my daily life in this blog because I prefer a blog with more pictures of crafts then the writing about them. But....yesterday was such a bad {in a funny sort of way} day. It started out fine but...on my way to get my hair light in my dashboard that indicates I have low tire pressure started flashing..about a mile from my destination. Mind you my hair guy I have been going to for over 15 years is about 25 miles away. I use my side mirrors to see which tire is low..aah drivers rear... but I can make it...I hope! Made it to my hair appt. on time barely.. with a little air to spare in the tire.. Whoo Hoo! Even called AAA to meet me at 1:30 after my hair appt. OK hair is done, looks great.. Go outside and the wind destroys the newly coiffed hair. Oh well ..The guy AAA sends me in this tiny little Toyota truck apparently does not change tires much. He does not know how to get to my spare. Owners manual to the rescue. Had to take all the stuff out of the rear of my Jeep Grand Cherokee to get to the spare tire drop. {I have a carpet cover protector back there so it covered the tools and the access to my spare tire drop} What a pain in the rear! Meanwhile my dogs are barking at this strange man too..Yes I travel with my fur babies and they have cozy beds in the car. Ok finally the tire is changed and he does not know how to get the flat tire back up in the spare position. ARRGH now the dirty tire has to go in the back where my shopping bags and things were. He leaves and I go back in the hair salon for a minute. I come back out, rearranged the car and try to start my car.....nothing....nothing.....*.^$&* DEAD BATTERY....and now the rain is starting...Call AAA back ASAP ...send the guy back PLEASE...The guy comes back with a giggle on his face.....GRRRRR. He checks my battery and says I have a dead cell...GEEZ Now he tells me do not stop the car after we get it started because it may not start again or hold a charge. To the dealer I go ...not turning the car off when I stopped like I was told. Pouring rain and no building eve to park under....what a day... My battery was replaced under warranty YEAH! But my tire had a slash in the side wall. So $245 dollars later for a new OEM tire. I should have been home stamping at 2:30, instead I am in a dealership reading my new Better Homes & Gardens and my new Creating Keepsakes magazines with a raincoat in a chair with a sleeping poodle. I really hate days like this!!


Elaine said...

That really sucks! I'm sorry it was a yucky day and you didn't have fun....but at least you and the babies are safe now! :)

Melissa M. M. M. said...

What a crazy day! Glad it didn't happen to you on your birthday! Happy Birthday in case I forget to check back in three days ;0) Hope it's the best one you've ever had! :0) Mel

Terry Molineux said...

So sorry you had such a bad and expensive DAY!!! Things could have been worse right?