Sunday, September 9, 2007

OH NO...I'm a blogger!

Hi I'm Sue R. my nickname is SueR.....pronounced ....sewer... that came from having 3 people with the same name at one place of business years ago. So we all added our last initial and my nickname was created. Well I finally joined the ranks of crafters everywhere.....I now have a blog of my own to inspire others crafters like me! Well hopefully it will inspire someone......he he... I will be uploading pictures of my studio because while I was creating my studio I really appreaciated looking at what others had done with their areas. I built my 6ft light table for a multitude of crafts including sewing, stamping, embossing and scrapbooking. I had hopes I would eventually have friends sitting around it crafting with me, well I do now and it works great. So TFL or Thanks for looking!

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