Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Custom designed diecuts and cards

I own a Pazzles Pro Plotter/Cutter. I purchased this expensive, $3000.00 "toy" 2 years ago and there it sat for 1 year in the box......Like I said I am a collector. I have spent the last 6 months learning the software and every little aspect of that machine inside and out! I can cut Paper, Vinyl, thin chipboard, even stencil material. I can turn a vector drawing into a personalized diecut. Paper piecing, 12x12 scrapbook layouts, specialized card cuts, I am trying it all! These cute little Hibiscus are actually from a card set I created...just a bit labor intensive with the Stickles glitter on the edges but cute. Those of you in the"Women in Ink" group saw my little witch hats I designed. Those were all designed and cut by my Pazzles Pro. I have arthritis in my hands so multiple cuts with a craft knife can be very painful..So I have something else to cut it for me! If any of you need a diecut for a special layout email me and I will create one for you!!

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Sharon Rivera said...

You know how much I want one of these?!?! Maybe my two sons will get me one after their new stamp company A Chemistry With Paper gets going.